ros2_control: Setup robot’s hardware package

This use-case describes how to set up a robot’s hardware interface for the ros2_control framework using scripts from ROS Team Workspace (RosTeamWS) framework.

ros2_control_setup-hardware-interface-package script accepts the file name of the robot’s hardware interfacea and, optionally, class name and the package name. The file name should use standard ROS format <my_cool_robot_hardware>. A .cpp and .hpp files will added using this name. If the class name is not set, it is guessed by camel-casing the file name. If the package name is not set, it is guessed from the current path using the folder’s name. The script has to be executed from the package folder where the package should be generated.

Note: it is recommended to setup your package using setup-new-package script.

The scripts copies template files from the templates/ros2_control/hardware folder, renames the files, and replaces the placeholders. The scripts adds also a plugin description and simple test checking if the plugin can be loaded.

Usage of script for setting up the robot bringup.
ros2_control_setup-hardware-interface-package FILE_NAME [CLASS_NAME] [PKG_NAME]

After all files are copied and placeholders set, a commit can be automatically created.